Tuesday, September 21, 2010

These Things Always Seem A Lot Bigger Up Close

Hawaii, Summer 1993:

Lance and Evan walked down from the town onto the beach and sat in the grass on the edge of the sand. They watched the waves undulate and crash as the people played in the sun.

"Look at those two," Lance said, pointing to a young couple laying on the beach together.

"Yes, tragic isn't it?" Evan said distractedly.

"Tragic? How's it tragic?"

"People have a horrible habit of getting attached to one another, when none of it ever lasts," Evan replied in a daze. "People move away from each other, fight, die. Relationships are never permanent, romantic or otherwise."

"I suppose you'd know," Lance said solemnly. "But they love each other. Can you think of a better use of their time?"

"I don't believe in time," murmured Evan.

"Of course you don't. Well I do. There's no other way to measure the worth of one's days, except with love. Loving the world, loving friends, loving lovers. It's the only way to live."

"Love can't be real. By definition, love must be perfect. Therefore, it would last forever, and that's impossible," Evan said, closing his eyes as he spoke. "Ignoring whether there's an afterlife, humans change. There's no way that a human can love permanently or stay permanent enough to be loved."

They sat in silence, the salty breeze rushing through their hair.

"You're wrong. Without love, we are both nothing," Lance said finally.

"You'll see," Eternity said to Love. "I already do."

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