Saturday, November 27, 2010

Up and Down, part 7

Up groaned loudly as he sat up a few minutes later. He held his face in his hands and moaned as he sat on the wooden floor. Scruff patted him on the shoulder and handed him more water, which he drank.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Up and Down, part 6

Up's eyes opened slowly. His vision was blurry and his throbbing head made him dizzy, but he could see that he was inside some sort of wooden hut. Moaning loudly, he rolled to the side and shut his eyes again.

"Hey Poof! He's waking up, come in here!" said a squeaky voice from behind Up. He heard the pitter-patter of two sets of feet approach him. Up rolled to the other side and opened his eyes once more. He was inside a small but cozy hut, as he had guessed, and in front of him stood two grey squirrels, a male and a female.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Up and Down, part 5

The golden eagle swooped and perched on the edge of the nest right above Up. A bass fell with a slap to the floor of the nest right in front of Up, twitching and leaking blood from its gills and mouth, eyes bulging and gasping futilely for water that wasn't there. Up scooted farther back into the shadows as a mighty beak pecked and tore at the dying creature, ripping slimy, sinewy flesh from the fish, and gulping it down voraciously.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Political Detour: The Economy

The following is actually an essay I recently wrote for a class. I think it has some good stuff in it, however, so I thought it would be a good one to post.

And The Winner Is…
                In the ongoing battle for global economic success, there are currently very few promising competitors. The post-Fordist economic model seems to have run its course, and no one knows what to do next. The current industrial state is not a sustainable economic course, and countries must adapt into either a self-sustaining entity, or a massive-scale cooperative world economy must emerge.

Suggestionator 2010

I initially posted this on my Facebook, but on the off-chance that someone not following me on Facebook is a regular reader, I might as well re-post:
Each day in December, through Christmas I'll be writing a story suggested by one of you, my loyal readers. Rules: 1 suggestion per person. The first 24 suggestions will be used. Suggestions can be NO MORE THAN 5 WORDS LONG. I reserve the right to deviate from the initial suggestion for the sake of quality, but they will be used as a starting point. Suggest away.

Suggestions so far:
1) Lauren: psychedelics, elephantiasis, quest, rubble, blowtorch (should be... interesting)
2) Cody: Potato, Willie, rubberband, broom, cow (No idea what this will end up being)
3) Cameron: Write about the customers (Have an awesome idea for this one)
4) Jasper: steampunk otter space pirates (I love anthropomorphic animals as characters, so this will be fun)
5) Ben (who ignored the 5 word rule): Dr. House has to fight an outbreak of ZOMBIES!!! in the Clinic, he is sooooo badass. WITH his cane (This one really writes itself)
6) Justin: laser, meson, badger, cargo ship, cactus (Not sure where the cactus will fit)
7) David:  guitar, schizophrenia, ACID, hotel, chevy (Story about any rockstar ever? I think so.)
8) Zach:  a follow up to gunslinger. (Still need clarification on what that means)
9) Sarah: Snow, hot cocoa, igloo, Matt, Sarah (Sigh... girlfriends...)
10) Manuel: China, disease, fast-food, giant worm, rave. (I have the beginning of an idea here that could be fun.
11) Katie (who also ignored the 5 word rule): story about someone who can't have children (this is probably going to be a bit more serious than the others so far)
12) Jazmin: The last comic book on the shelf
13) Zach Vincent: Blind faith leads to death
14) Andy: angels, demons, kittens, jell-o-pudding, bill cosby
15) Chris: (Didn't follow rules, need clarification)
16) Colin: Write a story about your Santa

Monday, November 22, 2010

Up and Down, part 4

The sun pierced Up's eyelids as it first peered over the top of the trees on the horizon. He rose from the cave floor and stretched his arms and back. He picked up his goat-fur blanket and tied it about his shoulders and tossed Down's spear and his pack on to his back. Up bent down and picked up his spear, and exited the cave.

Up and Down, part 3

Up stumbled backwards and tripped over a rock, landing on his buttocks with his mouth agape. He stared, horrified up at the huge black bear that loomed above him.

"P-please," he stammered, "don't eat me."

Up and Down, part 2

"Adventure," repeated Up. He gazed up at the spot where the eagle had disappeared. "Grand, epic adventure!"

"What type of quest are you proposing, dear brother?" asked Down.

"We shall scale the mountain and bring back a feather of that magnificent eagle!" Up declared.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Up and Down, part 1

A very, very long time ago, there were twin rabbit brothers named Up and Down. They were completely identical to each other, both having black eyes and shiny white fur. The only way that you could tell them apart was by their ears. Up's ears stood straight up at all times and Down's ears were droopy and hung down  at all times. They lived in a tiny village far to the east. The village was a small community of farmers and gatherers, and Up and Down were miserable. They longed for the adventure that they heard of in the stories that the travelers from the west brought with them.