Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Suggestionator 2010

I initially posted this on my Facebook, but on the off-chance that someone not following me on Facebook is a regular reader, I might as well re-post:
Each day in December, through Christmas I'll be writing a story suggested by one of you, my loyal readers. Rules: 1 suggestion per person. The first 24 suggestions will be used. Suggestions can be NO MORE THAN 5 WORDS LONG. I reserve the right to deviate from the initial suggestion for the sake of quality, but they will be used as a starting point. Suggest away.

Suggestions so far:
1) Lauren: psychedelics, elephantiasis, quest, rubble, blowtorch (should be... interesting)
2) Cody: Potato, Willie, rubberband, broom, cow (No idea what this will end up being)
3) Cameron: Write about the customers (Have an awesome idea for this one)
4) Jasper: steampunk otter space pirates (I love anthropomorphic animals as characters, so this will be fun)
5) Ben (who ignored the 5 word rule): Dr. House has to fight an outbreak of ZOMBIES!!! in the Clinic, he is sooooo badass. WITH his cane (This one really writes itself)
6) Justin: laser, meson, badger, cargo ship, cactus (Not sure where the cactus will fit)
7) David:  guitar, schizophrenia, ACID, hotel, chevy (Story about any rockstar ever? I think so.)
8) Zach:  a follow up to gunslinger. (Still need clarification on what that means)
9) Sarah: Snow, hot cocoa, igloo, Matt, Sarah (Sigh... girlfriends...)
10) Manuel: China, disease, fast-food, giant worm, rave. (I have the beginning of an idea here that could be fun.
11) Katie (who also ignored the 5 word rule): story about someone who can't have children (this is probably going to be a bit more serious than the others so far)
12) Jazmin: The last comic book on the shelf
13) Zach Vincent: Blind faith leads to death
14) Andy: angels, demons, kittens, jell-o-pudding, bill cosby
15) Chris: (Didn't follow rules, need clarification)
16) Colin: Write a story about your Santa


  1. Idea #1: Not finishing a book.
    Idea #2: Road trip.
    Idea #3: Last comic book on shelf.

  2. Blind faith leads to death.