Sunday, November 21, 2010

Up and Down, part 1

A very, very long time ago, there were twin rabbit brothers named Up and Down. They were completely identical to each other, both having black eyes and shiny white fur. The only way that you could tell them apart was by their ears. Up's ears stood straight up at all times and Down's ears were droopy and hung down  at all times. They lived in a tiny village far to the east. The village was a small community of farmers and gatherers, and Up and Down were miserable. They longed for the adventure that they heard of in the stories that the travelers from the west brought with them.

One day, Up and Down finally decided to leave. They filled their packs with food and grabbed their wooden spears and set off into the forest, headed west. They followed little-walked trails and walked amongst ancient trees.

They walked for weeks, through villages filled with all sorts of mysterious people. Everywhere they went, they listened to the people's stories of adventure and magic, somewhere to the west. But no matter how far west their journey took them, they never seemed to find the place in the stories.

Up and Down emerged from the forest one day and found themselves at the base of a jagged stone mountain range. It reached up into the clouds far above them and stretched off into the horizons to the north and south.

They gazed up at the concealed peaks, amazed.

Suddenly, an enormous golden eagle flew out of the trees behind the twins and soared into the clouds toward the peak of the mountain. Up turned to face Down and they both grinned.

"Adventure," they said.

This is another story set in the same world as my novel, and the Lurus and Destiny stories. It's shorter than normal, but I can hardly keep my eyes open at the moment. I shall continue in the morning!

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