Saturday, October 30, 2010

Obsidian Mirror, pt 6

Epilogue, one week after Zee's incarceration:

"Alright, you're cleared to enter, professor," says the guard. The door groans as he unlatches the steel lever and pushes the door in. Professor Hyne enters the cell.

"Hello Zee, you're looking well," says Hyne. Zee is motionless, his head slack and he's drooling down his straight-jacket. "I thought that I owed you an explanation, even though you won't understand what I'm saying.

"Hyne isn't my real name. My body's name is Jekyll. My mind's name is Hyde. I'm both thought to be and supposed to be dead. But, thanks to the wonderful potion that created me, I'm incapable of dying. I'm a monster's mind stuck in a weak, frail man's body for eternity.

"Immortality is a lonely affair, and so I've been trying for some time now to re-create that potion, to create a companion for me and to be able to transform into my true form once again. I've worked years and years, but never had any success. Until you.

"You remember the cup of water that I gave you, the night before this all began? It had a test formula in it. One that I was hoping would turn you into your own Hyde. But, alas, it didn't work as intended. The transformation only occurred when you were asleep, and you didn't need any more doses of the formula, like I did. You were even better than I had hoped."

Hyde grins maliciously up at the vegetative Zee.

"Then you had to go and do something stupid, and turned yourself in," he says, glaring hatefully. "And now they have you pumped full of chemicals that won't let you fall asleep. They may kill you eventually, but the death penalty takes a very, very long time. So you have to stay here, sleepless, motionless, and hopeless for the rest of your life."

Hyde stands up from the chair and heads for the door. Before he opens it, he stops and turns.

"But, I suppose I should thank you," he says, as he pulls a flask out of his pocket. "Thanks to you, I get to be my old self again."

He laughs horribly and opens the door as he drinks the contents of the flask. He slams the door behind him, and the thick walls save Zee from hearing the screams of agony from outside his cell.

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