Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Black Enigma: Masquerade, part 3

"What the hell?" I mutter. I watch as the impostor fires a clip into the crowd, wounding several partiers. I begin to move Harvey towards the door, since I'm supposed to be his bodyguard.

"There is only one crime lord in this town," the man ruining my good alter ego's name declares. "Any newcomers would do well to remember that." He pulls the pin on a hand grenade with his teeth and tosses it into the crowd, where it explodes, killing half a dozen people instantly. The fake laughs sadistically and dashes out the hole that he came through.

My fingers load a bullet into my pistol as I begin to shove people out of the way in a hurry toward the doorway. I finally push through the panicked crowd onto the steps outside just as the "Black Enigma" speeds down the road in a black sports car. I unload a clip into the back of the car and he screeches around a corner and out of sight.

Harvey emerges from the crowd and walks up next to me.

"Some bodyguard you are. Dashing off, leaving me unprotected like that.," he says with mock irritation.

Minutes later, ambulances and police cars begin arriving by the dozens, paramedics and officers rushing in to haul out the wounded and secure the scene. Dozens of people are rushed to the nearest hospital, and there are twenty-six bodies rapidly losing heat on the marble floor.

"Well that makes our decision for us," Harvey says. "We don't have a choice but to go after both sides now."

"Great," I reply. "That's much easier."

"Don't whine, Mark." Harvey's limo pulls up in front of us.

"Harvey! Harvey!" Mayor Crup yells feebly as he waddles toward us. "What the fuck was that, Harvey? That guy worked for you and your dad?"

"No, he definitely did not," Harvey tells him sternly. We both get in the limo and drive off. Harvey groans and hangs his head. "This is a mess."

"Well those cops are in your dad's pocket, so there shouldn't be too much heat."

"You think this will stay with them, Mark? Over twenty people taking dirt naps? That goes to the feds, and they are definitely not in my dad's pocket."

"Well that can only be good for us, right?" I ask. "We're trying to take down your dad, having the law on our side is a plus."

"No, it isn't. If he goes to jail now, so do I. I'll be an accomplice. And so will you. And even if we don't, and it's just him, we get our funding cut, and we have these new guys to contend with."

"So we need to find the impostor and bring him in before the feds get near the case, correct?"

"Obviously, Mark. But we have nothing to go on."

"Remember those tracking bullets you had made for me?" I ask him.

"Yeah wh..." he pauses as a grin grows across his face. "Nice work."

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