Monday, February 14, 2011

150th Post: "A Zeppelin Over Paris"

Axel slid the rusting steel door of the zeppelin open and the cold wind of the Paris sky rushed across his face. He pulled his goggles over his eyes and strapped his flight cap on. He tightened the leather belts that criss-crossed his chest, holding the heavy pneumatic tank on his back. He looked behind him at the three other men in his squadron, doing similar motions with their harnesses and gear. Axel looked back out of the opening, gazing at the golden-orange glow of the Paris night life below.

Seemingly from nowhere, Axel began to hear the sound of propellers. Then he saw it, below their zeppelin was a massive airship, rising slowly toward them. Every one of its dozens of cannons pointed at Axel's ship. A powerful speaker system sent a deep and menacing voice into the air.

"I am Captain Jackson Henry," said the speakers, "the commanding officer of the Aerospear. By the authority of the Irongate Empire, I order you to land your ship immediately or be blown out of the sky."

Axel turned and faced his gathered allies, now ten of them, the pilots and crew having abandoned their posts at the controls.

"Let's fly," Axel said with a smirk. He leaped out of the zeppelin and clicked a knob on his chest plate counter-clockwise. There was a loud hiss of released steam and wings unfolded from Axel's back, as did a propeller and tail rudder. He banked hard down toward the Aerospear and his friends followed, as their ship was blasted into oblivion in the Paris sky.

This marks 150 blog posts. This story will be turned into a piece of artwork for the Steampunk art show a friend of mine is organizing. This may or may not be continued. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Very cool Mr. Funk. Even from this short piece I can sense the deep history within this world you've created. Would definitely like to see you continue forward with this. Also congrats on post 150.