Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Dark Room, part 5

"Flee," the raven whispered to the boy. "Before it's too late."

"Be brave," the dragon said in his other ear.

The man across from the boy lifted the lid of the platter slowly, and as he did, thick black smoke billowed out from under it, swirling down the sides of the table. The tendrils of the dark smoke slithered across the floor, curling around the legs of the chairs. It flowed over the table as well, heading towards the boy like a wave of black serpents.Red orbs of light shown from within the smoke, as if there were hundreds of eyes of un-seeable creatures peering out of it, and the boy felt like each eye was trained on him.

"Do you fear the unknown?" asked the raven slyly.

The boy felt the tentacles of smoke coiling about his ankles and sneaking up his legs.

"You must be courageous. Do not give in."

The boy gritted his teeth and looked down the table at the man who had lifted the lid. The man was smiling hungrily.

"I am not afraid," said the boy defiantly.

The smile on the man's face disappeared instantly. He slammed the lid down on the platter, and all of the black smoke disappeared with a poof. The man opposite the boy sat back down in his seat, and simultaneously, another stood up. He smiled a toothy smile, eerily similar to the first man's. He put his hand on the platter lid closest to him and chuckled. He lifted the lid and a pair of demons, blood red and screaming, shot out. They slammed into the boy's shoulders, knocking his chair backward and sending him tumbling.

And tumbling...

And tumbling...

"Do you fear falling?" asked the raven cruelly.

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