Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fing Fang Foom Has Absolutely No Genitals Whatsoever!

New Earth, 2 weeks after the creation of the dragon:

"Another building in the warehouse district destroyed tonight, as the hunt for the so called "Iron Dragon" continues," buzzed the radio. "Wranglers have been searching for the elusive beast since it killed what many presume to be its creator, a 46 year old technogician, and destroyed his workshop. It has continued to wreak havoc in the area, but with no real pattern or motive apparent. The Wranglers have advised all citizens to stay clear of the warehouse district as much as possible. Another fire on the northsi--kzzt!"
"Stupid piece of junk." The girl smacked the radio, but with no success. She was about fourteen and had black skin and dirty black hair down to her shoulders. She was curled up in a parka that was too big for her and leaning in a corner where a warehouse and a wooden fence met. She had a steel barrel with a fire going. The smoke curled up into the already smoke-infested night sky. The orange cast an eerie glow on the dark red brick of the building. A cardboard sheet was her bed, a potato sack her sheet and an old shoe her pillow.

She sat there, curled up against the wall, mesmerized by the flames. She was what some people called homeless. She didn't understand the term though. Having lived on the streets your whole life, the whole world is your home. She had always been an outcast, but she never knew anything else, and so she enjoyed her life for what it was. As she sat watching the sparks flutter upwards, a rat scampered out from behind a bag of garbage on the other side of the barrel. The girl reached out her hand, and it began glowing blue. Soon after, the rat rose into the air and flew into the girl's hand. With her other hand, she quickly and painlessly snapped the creature's neck.

"Thank you," she  whispered to the rat. She extended her right index finger and a glowing green blade formed around it, which she used to quickly skin the animal. Finding a stick, she roasted the meat over the barrel-fire, and devoured it hungrily.

She was sitting there, happily eating when she heard a sound from the far end of the alleyway. A grinding of metal upon metal, crunching of steel joints and the hiss of steam. Something heavy slowly lumbered across the gravel roadway. She stared down the wall, waiting for something to emerge. Finally, the horrible steel dragon turned the corner, it's razor-sharp teeth and deep red eyes flashing in the light of the fire. It turned the corner and slowly walked on all fours towards the girl, steam pouring from its nostrils and mouth.

The girl sat motionless, paralyzed with fear. Her eyes locked unblinkingly with the terrible creature's as it creaked, groaned, hissed and grinded closer and closer. It was close enough now that the girl could feel the moisture of the steam on her face. The dragon lowered its head and stared at the girl for what she thought felt like an eternity. It moaned and breathed a huge cloud of steam onto her as it swung its enormous neck away from her. It turned calmly and walked through the fence like it was a pile of leaves, crushing it under its footsteps. It wandered away, back into the darkness of the abandoned warehouses, leaving the girl alone once more.

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