Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Strange Casefiles of Horatio Morgan, Chapter 4

I started writing this 45 minutes ago. It still counts.
"I won't tell you anything," growled the werewolf through his clenched teeth. "And you'll gain nothing from killing me. Stop bluffing."
"I'm pretty sure a werewolf specimen will prove quite valuable to the scientific community," Thaddeus replied coldly. "Now start talking. Did you kill Zylphia's husband?"

"What? No, of course not, you imbecile. Why would we start killing off our own people?"

"Well then why did you attack us?" Thaddeus asked.

"Zylphia was fool to let normals investigate it. She shouldn't have allowed you to take anything from his body. You'll only reveal us."

"If we wanted to that, why wouldn't we take the whole body?" Thaddeus replied. "We want to catch the killer, just like you. At this point, it's a better use of both our time to just work together. What's done is done."

The werewolf was silent. He sighed, and the fur all over his body retracted, and his snout and claw cracked and crunched back into his human form. He stretched his neck from side to side and groaned.

"Ferris," he said, extending his hand.

"Thaddeus." He holstered his gun and shook Ferris's hand.

"What are you, exactly?" Ferris asked.

"Ha!" Thaddeus thundered with laughter. "You'll forgive me for appreciating the irony. But I believe our first order of business should be preventing your friend from murdering my partner."

At that moment, Horatio came sprinting back up the stairs, breathing heavily and sweating.

"Dammit Thaddeus! Why are you still here?! An where are the werewolves?" Horatio blurted.

Thaddeus motioned to Ferris.

"Who's he?" wheezed Horatio.

"One of the werewolves, sir. The second is still unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. As for the third, I believe that's the reason you're nearly fainting from exhaustion."

"I don't know why I gave you voice pipes, Thaddeus. So, this is one of the werewolves? Why isn't he horrifying?"

"My name is Ferris. Your machine explained the situation to me, and I believe it would be best if we worked together."

"Too bad we didn't think of talking it out the first time, hmm?" Horatio mumbled. "No, it's so much simpler to kill your problems..."

"I am capable of changing my mind," Ferris retorted.

"Well then," Horatio said. "What say we go catch a wolf killer?"

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