Friday, October 15, 2010

The Brave Knight

The brave knight sat, confined in a strange contraption in the dungeon of the dark castle. He was surrounded by others in a similar predicament: princesses, peasants and knights from countless other kingdoms. They were subjected to cruel punishments for hours each day by the evil sorcerer Mr. Stevens.

I must escape this place,
thought the brave knight, But how?!
"Now if you'll please open your books to page..."

What new circle of hell is this? he pondered. I need a distraction...
The noble warrior bent down to a bag sitting on the rat-infested stone floor. He reached inside and found a sharpened stick, a piece of parchment and a strange white tube. He thought to himself on how best to use his arsenal. The knight glanced to his left and saw one of his fellow prisoners sleeping.

The perfect bait, thought the cunning knight. He took the parchment and balled up a piece and put it in his mouth. Then he placed it in the tube and blew forcefully through it, firing the projectile. It splattered on the back of the sorcerer's head.

"Who did that?" he roared. He adjusted and classes and picked up his magical Staff of Yards. "No one wants to admit to it? Very well."

The evil one walked amongst the aisles of prisoners examining each one. Finally, he found the culprit.

"Thought you could escape by faking sleep, eh, Johnny?" the dark magician sneered. "You should hide the straw better next time."

A still-groggy Johnny was dragged by his ear out of the dungeon, no doubt to some other dark pit of the castle. The sorcerer disappeared around the corner with the prisoner.

It worked! the knight thought excitedly. He stood up and ran to the doorway. He stood and faced the other prisoners and lifted his sword.

"Follow me!" he declared. "To freedom! To Camelot!"

The brave knight turned and sprinted down the hall and out the castle gates.

The other prisoners sat complacently in the dark dungeon, staring dumbfounded at the doorway.

"That kid is so weird..."

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