Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Frozen Fear, Part 5

Far North of the Arctic Circle:

"Are you feeling better now sir?" the security officer asked Hal.

Hal stood up slowly from his doubled over position. A pile of vomit steamed on the ground in front of him and splattered on his boots. He coughed and spit a few times and cleared his throat. Finally reaching the full upright position he took a deep breath and turned to face the security officer.

"Yes, thank you," Hal answered in an attempted suave manner, "must've been something in my oatmeal."

"It's okay to admit it was the gore, sir. You aren't the only one who did that."

"Nonsense. What's a little blood?" Hal said, holding his forehead. He turned to the direction of his own barracks when he heard it.

A piercing, terror-filled scream shot across the camp, stopping Hal dead in his tracks. The agonized voice was cut short by a dull crack, and it was silent once more.

"Diana," Hal whispered. "Let's go!"

The security guard cocked his gun and sprinted towards the noise with Hal. They quickly arrived at the command building, where they found the lifeless body of Diana. Her limbs laid at unnatural angles and he head was facing her back. Blood trickled from her nose and mouth. Hal knelt next to the body and drew his own gun.

"Check inside," he ordered the security officer. Hal stood and scanned the area around the building, his gun at the ready. It was silent but for the ever-present howls of the pained wind. He could see no movement any


Hal spun around.


"Who's there? Clark?"


Hal whipped his gun to the right and fired a bullet into the empty white. Hal's breathing became panicked and his hands shook.



Hal fired another shot, this time back toward the command building.

The last remaining security officer fell to the snow, and gaping red tunnel burned through his skull.

"Oh god," Hal stammered, dropping his gun. Hal fell to his knees and began to cry. "I'm so sorry."


"As am I," a voice said from behind Hal. "You should never have come here."

"Why?!" Hal yelled without turning around, "Why did you do this?"

"Because I cannot be killed. But that will never stop you from trying. I must remain a myth."

"We would never have known you were here!" Hal exclaimed.

"I am the reason you are here. Who led this expedition?"

"Clark," Hal answered.

"What is his full name?"

"Clark Van Helsing," Hal whispered.

"Some family traditions are a bit more lasting than others. I'll make this quick."

Hal closed his eyes. Exhaled. Clenched his teeth. And took a deep



  1. REALLY GREAT STORY!!!!!! you need to write more on this creature. and van helsing. and horatio. please?

  2. Thank you very much mysterious visitor!
    I don't know if there is more story to tell about these characters, but if I ever have an idea, you can be sure that I'll post it here. As for Horatio, I'll definitely return to him and Thaddeus soon! Thanks again for the kind words!