Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Black Enigma : Holes, part 2

This story takes place shortly after the events of this story,before the events of this story, and directly after Holes, part 1.

"What do you know?" I growl at Harvey.

"Regretfully," he sighs, "everything."

"Tell me now."

"I was getting there, stop interrupting. Johnny was a good detective. Probably the best one on the entire Pulopolis police force. You see, Mark, the P.P.D. is almost entirely in my father's pocket. Johnny was one of the few that wasn't."

"So your father had him killed. Great."

"You know what they say about assuming," he quips. "Actually, Johnny was working with me to try and take down the corruption. My sister and I fed him leads about my father's operations, ones that were too big for the police chiefs to turn a blind eye to. Apparently, he got one too many solid cases, however, because he--along with Martha-- was taken out by the police themselves. My father is furious with them now. They did it without his permission and they killed his daughter."

I stay silent. I know that Pulopolis is not exactly a shining beacon, but I'd never have thought it was this bad. Is he telling the truth? He must be. He has no reason to lie about something like this. And it would take a real bastard to twist his own sister's death to his advantage.

"I appreciate you telling me this," I tell him quietly. "I'm sorry for judging you so quickly."

"I can't say I blame you," he says solemnly. "Apology accepted. I have one more thing I'd like to discuss with you."

"What would that be?"

"Well," Harvey pauses thoughtfully, "How would you like to continue your brother's work?"

I look at him stunned. I don't know what to say. How could he expect me to do something like that?

"I'm not a cop," I stammer.

"I know that. I think that it may have been naive to think that sending one good snake into a pit of bad ones could solve the problem. No, I think a different method will be required."

"What do you think I can do? I'm a damn librarian."

"This city needs a hero and a symbol. I want that to be you. I'll do what I did for Johnny, but you'll be totally outside the law. You'll be masked and anonymous, and you'll have all of my resources backing you."

"I don't know anything about being a hero. I can't fight. Hell, I've never even shot a gun."

"I can provide you with all of the training you'll need and then some," Harvey tells me. "But there's a catch. You'll have to leave your old life behind and pose as my bodyguard when you aren't on the streets fighting corruption."

I think silently and glare out the window. I scratch the scruff that has been gathering on my face since I heard of Johnny's death. I can't deny there's a hole in the city. A hole that needs to be filled with justice. There's also a hole in me. One that needs vengeance to be filled. These holes can be filled by me filling this role that Harvey is describing. All while blowing holes in the dark void of crime that is swallowing Pulopolis.

"I need to think about this," I tell Harvey.

"I understand," he says as he hands me a business card. "Call me on that number when you have an answer."

I nod my head in acknowledgement as the limo pulls up in front of my apartment building. I thank Harvey for the ride and step out into the puddle-ridden sidewalk. I look up and see that the sky has ceased crying. The moon shines brighter than I've ever seen it in this smog-cursed city. It shines bright. As if a hole of light has pierced the darkness.

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