Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Suggestionator 2010: Blind Faith Leads to Death

Today's Suggestionator is from Zach, who said "Blind faith leads to death." This ended up being quite a bit heavier than the others so far. For more on Suggestionator 2010, click here.

He was a young Christian man. He loved his god and his country, and was unwaveringly loyal to them both. He had been tasked  by his priest to join the holy knights in the Crusades. He was to fight for all he held dear by retaking the land that was the birthplace of his religion. He was to draw his sword and defeat the heathens that defiled the ground of his forefathers.

He is a young Muslim boy. He loves Allah and he loves his country. He would do anything to protect them. He has been told by the men with guns that the only way to please Allah is to take up arms in Jihad. He fights all he holds dear by repelling the infidel from his people's home. He loads bullets in his gun and straps a bomb to his chest to send the invaders to their punishment.

He could not read, and neither could the village people. But his priest could. His priest told them what the Bible said. The priest told them of the Commandments. The priest told them that they shall not kill or steal or commit adultery. The priest told them how Jesus saved through love. The priest told them how the Christian God is to be feared and obeyed. The priest told them that the Bible commanded them to take up arms and kill the heathens that stood in their way, so that they may retake what is rightfully theirs.

He can not read, and neither can anyone in his village. But the men with guns can. They read the Qur'an to the people of the village. They tell the people of Allah's will. The men with guns tell them that they shall not steal or commit adultery or kill. They tell how every Muslim struggles within themselves to not sin, and that struggle is the true Jihad. The men with guns read from the Qur'an of how Allah is a god of oneness and how he does not take sides, for he is all things. The men with guns tell the village people that the Qur'an tells them to kill the infidels that come to their land in the name of Allah.

He packed up his things and sheathed his sword. He kissed his mother and father goodbye one last time. He went and joined the other men in the village square. The king's army rode into town, and the men of the village all fell in and marched with the army of God to retake the Holy Land.

He tosses his gun over his shoulder and packs what little he owns. He bids his parents farewell. He goes to the edge of the village where he climbs into one of the many trucks that the men with guns had brought with them. They drive off into the desert to defeat the invaders.

He wasn't a skilled swordsman. He was wounded in his first battle in Jerusalem.

He isn't a very good shot. He can't shoot a single infidel.

He laid there on the ground bleeding.

He is abandoned by his group in the midst of a fire fight.

The heathens surrounded him to take him prisoner.

The infidels circle him, intending to make him talk.

With his sword, he ran himself through.

He pulls the cord on the bomb strapped to his chest.

He dies for God. Because God wants it that way.

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