Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Black Enigma

I'm taking part in a blogging challenge where each day's post is themed by the letters of the alphabet. Today's is a one- off story set in the world of The Black Enigma. Click the Black Enigma tab at the top of the page to read more on the story. The following takes place between the events of Masquerade and Raven.


Sir Skull's eyes were locked on her legs from across the table. As she tended to do, Sister spider was sitting up on the round table with her one stilettoed foot set flat upon the surface, which curved her fishnet-clad legs seductively up into the skin tight black leotard that she was wearing. Her hair was as black as coal. It was a perfect match for her soul.

Snapping out of his lustful daze, Sir Skull scanned the rest of the room. To his right, Baron Boom was smoking through a large cigar, and it filled the eerily lit room with thick white smoke, giving the scene a dreamlike haze. The baron wore a blood red tuxedo with a stark white mask, and his trademark monocle. Between him and Sister Spider sat the ever-silent Great Muerte. He wore a dark crimson mask that covered his entire face and head, along with a matching collar that stood dramatically up to the height of where his eyes would be. He too dressed in a suit, though his was that of a stage magician's and was black. His magnificent cape--attached to his shoulders with golden clasps-- flowed off of him and down around the chair to the floor. His mysterious top hat sat ominously upon the table in front of its master.

The seat to Sir Skull's left was the only one empty, but at that moment, its intended resident was entering the room-- right through the wall. The Poltergeist walked through the brick wall, as if he were a ghost, as some believed he was. He was enveloped in a flowing white hooded cloak, and seemed to have glowing white warpaint on his black face. As always, he was heavily armed, with several guns strapped to his ghostly torso, along with belts of ammunition. He walked silently through the back of the chair, solidified, and took a seat.

"Dramatic as always," chuckled Baron Boom.

"Now that we're all here," began Sir Skull, "I suppose it's time to discuss the score. So far, Baron Boom is leading the competition with twenty-six kills at the mayor's party earlier today."

"Twenty-seven actually," said the Baron. "I hit someone with the car while I was getting away."

"Well, the media was reporting twenty-six. And you know the rules: the kill only counts if it makes the news and you don't get caught. The unfortunate Mister Twenty-Seven failed to make the 6 o'clock."

"Damn rules."

"We here at the World Murder League are nothing if not fair, Baron," said Skull.

"So how'd you go about it, Boomy?" cooed Sister Spider as she twirled her hair around her finger flirtatiously.

"I dressed up as that Black Enigma fellow and blew the place up in a suitably ostentatious fashion."

"Dramatic as always," quipped the Poltergeist flatly.

"I'd kill you, but it wouldn't make the news," the Baron retorted.

"Well before this gets out of hand, let's wrap this up," said Sir Skull, standing from his seat. He was dressed in black form fitting body armor with painted white in places to give him the look of a skeleton. He wore a black fencing mask as well, which had a skull painted on it. His rapier hung from his hip. "Does anyone have any other kills to report?"

The group was silent. The smoke from Boom's cigar lingered in a swirling cloud of grey-white tendrils above the table.

"We have nothing left to discuss then. This marks the end of week one. We have nine more weeks in Pulopolis, then it's on to Rio. I'll see you all in a week."


  1. Thanks! He's been in more of the story (though we didn't know it was him until now) of The Black Enigma, so if you'd like to read more, check out the tab at the top of the page!
    Thanks for reading!