Sunday, April 3, 2011

C is for Circus Cosmic

I'm taking part in a blogging challenge that requires a theme each day that begins with the letters of the alphabet. Today's is a concept I've had gestating in my head for a while, and I'll almost certainly come back to it at some point. 

"Beings of the Andromeda Nebula!" roars the Ringmaster's hologram from the center of the arena. "I hope you have enjoyed the show so far! We here at Circus Cosmic appreciate you all attending today. Now, we have our final act of the night!"

The several thousand sentient beings that are packed into the seats cheer in anticipation. I roll my head around to stretch my neck and I quiver in anticipation. My antigrav platform is hovering hundreds of feet above the floor of the Big Top, but the lights  are all on the Ringmaster, so the audience is unaware of my presence.The Big Top's arena floor is an enormous screen showing a galaxy of stars.

In the center is the blue hologram of the Ringmaster, who is making grandiose gestures at the crowd as he talks them into a boil of excitement. The Ringmaster is a truly terrifying being. His form is that of a slender and lanky human with pitch black skin that is covered in eyes everywhere except his face should be. His abdomen opens into a gaping mouth full of long razor-sharp teeth. He has no face and wears no clothes save for a black top hat tilted cockily upon his head.

"This act," he announces in a tone of morbid thrill, "is unlike anything you've ever seen. It is-- without a doubt-- the most dangerous act in the entire universe."

The audience is in a frenzy now, beyond ready to see me perform. The floor of the Big Top splits down the center and, with a mechanical whir, pulls apart to each side, revealing a swirl of light beneath the floor, spiraling in to the blackest spot of black you can imagine, directly below the Ringmaster's projection.

"I assure you, you are quite safe!" the Ringmaster says to the terrified audience. "This is a controlled environment, and you are in no danger. Our trapeze artist, however, is not so lucky."

The spotlight mounted on my antigrav platform lights me from below, revealing me to the audience.

"Straight from the planet Earth in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, the death-defying Grayson 'Mister Gravity' Miller shall swing on his trapeze from his antigrav platform, across the center of a black hole, and onto a platform on the other side of the arena. Please, do not try this at home."

I take a deep breath and take hold of the trapeze bar. I throw my legs over it so I'm hanging upside down from the bar by my knees. I take another breath and shove off of the platform.

I fall faster than I ever would on Earth. I rush toward the black hole at an unbelievable speed. The momentum carries me past the center, where I let go, just as the first bar disintegrates and disappears into the void. I can feel my entire body being pulled down hungrily. I back-flip to the next bar that I barely grab with my hands. I feel the momentum of the initial fall starting to lose its battle with the immeasurable gravity of the black hole. I swing and barely make it to the platform on the other side where I collapse ungracefully onto the floor. The second bar is sucked down into the black hole as well, just as I let go.

The floor closes, hiding the black hole, and my antigrav platform floats down to the center of the arena next to the Ringmaster, now physically walking out onto the floor. I stand wobbly to my feet and the awestruck crowd cheers deafeningly.

"Ladies and gentlemen," cries the Ringmaster, "the fabulous Mr. Gravity of Earth! Seen here, and only here, at the Circus Cosmic!"

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  1. Oh, apparently we're skipping sundays. Oops. I'll leave this up anyway.