Monday, May 23, 2011

Pantheon: Beginnings

Note About This Story: This is part of the whole story I've been developing over the abandoned A-Z Challenge. It's title is tentatively "Pantheon." As is hopefully obvious by now, the story isn't being told chronologically at all. I'll shall compile a post explaining my method and the order and whatnot whenever it strikes me to do so (probably soon). I'm going to try to resume regular updating as of this post, sorry for the long break.

Johnathan Pax climbed the stairs in no direction and every. Like he did most nights, he was visiting his friend Mr. Escher at his immense house. That night, unbeknown to Johnathan, would be the last time he would visit the house. The last time for a very long time, at least.

The stairs climbed ever somewards and Johnathan walked that way and this. He searched for Mr. Escher, but just like every other night, he knew not where to look, nor how to get anywhere. He walked along the wall and up the floor and down the ceiling, all-side up and no-side down, searching for clues to the whereabouts of his elusive friend.

But to no avail.

Johnathan sighed in defeat and walked down a flight of stairs which he climbed up to a door. It was taller than any door he'd ever seen. It stretched all the way up into the sky, if there had been one tonight. It was made of smooth mahogany and carved with intricate designs of monsters and gods and heroes and villains. the bottom of the door depicted the Underworlds, and the carvings weaved and flowed up the door, showing a fantastic version of Earth right at Johnathan's eye-level. If he could see the top, Johnathan knew he'd see the Overworlds. Johnathan lazily examined the pictures of Earth, and gasped. There, carved into the door, was Johnathan himself. He was standing atop a mountain, battling a creature made of clouds and lightning. He was puzzled, but not entirely sure he should be. He knocked the enormous gold knocker, and the door swung open.

There was a short corridor with another door, albeit a normal sized one, on the other side. Standing right in front of the door was a bearded man wearing a white robe. He stared directly at Johnathan in a way that was somehow both welcoming and imposing. Johnathan walked up to him.

"Hello Johnathan Pax."

Johnathan found himself tongue tied.

"In times such as these, it is often better not to speak," the man said reassuringly. "I am here to tell you to embrace what is to come. Embrace your beginning. Become who you are."

The man turned away from Johnathan to open the door, and that's when Johnathan saw how strange the man really was. On the back of his head was another face, identical to the one on the front, beard and all. The rear-face smiled and winked at Johnathan as the man turned around, holding the door open.

Johnathan took one step through the doorway and

"Wake up, man!" Brian smacked Jonathan, who shook the dreams from his head. The alarm was blaring and the other firefighters were already racing down the pole to the trucks. "We got a call. Fire's right across from your house!"

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  1. Matt, welcome back to the world of blogging!

    It's good to be reading your fantastical tales again. And yes, it would be nice to get a rundown of how all these different story pieces fit together. Hope to hear from your blog again soon!