Monday, April 11, 2011

H is for Hades

So close to being caught up! One more tonight? We'll see. For now, we follow Seven Macaw on his first assignment for his new master...

The screams of the damned echoed off of the cavern walls. The ghostly form coiled in the terrifying throne made of human skulls was motionless, save for the tatters of his night-black cloak waving in the gentle breeze. He had the shape of a man, but it was as if he was made of shadow. The only part of skin that was visible was his hands, and they were pale nearly to the point of being translucent. His cloak was torn and ripped in a tangled mess of shadowy cloth. His breathing was slow, gravelly and pained.

As soon as the little demon entered his domain, Hades felt his presence. The frail black bird with the glowing eyes and teeth that called itself Seven Macaw approached the Greek lord of the dead.

"Greetings, fearful Lord Hades, master over all of... Hades..." Seven Macaw cackled in mock respect.

"What do you want, minor demon? What is your business here?" Hades voice was like the last gasp of air escaping a dying body.

"My master has sent me to seek your alliance. My master is--"

"I know exactly who he is. I smelled his stench on you before you were in sight. I have no interest in helping him."


"Argue with me and you will not leave this place, Seven Macaw. I have powers of giving you pain that those little Hero Twins never could dream of. Now leave before I lose my patience."

Seven Macaw turned around hurriedly and flapped furiously out of the cavern and out of Hades. Hades walked over to a bubbling cauldron that was hidden away in the corner of his chamber.

"Lords of the Dark Realms," Hades called out. "I send you this message: the gears have begun to spin. We must convene and decide our position in the coming war."


  1. hey matt!
    great story! so what happens next?
    nice meeting you through the a-z.

  2. Thanks! You have to keep reading! This story is being told pretty non-linearly due to the nature of the A-Z challenge, but if you keep reading, I'm sure some of the mystery will become clear! Thanks for reading!

  3. great story.
    Also coming to you through the a-z challenge :)

  4. Ooo...great story! I want more!

    Glad to have found you through the A to Z Challenge.

    Ellie Garratt

  5. Very interesting. I'd like to read more. Stopping by from A-Z...cannot believe how fast it is going.

  6. Great imagery and interesting scene.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge, whenever you're able to continue!

  7. Humor and darkness, I like it. How did you come up with the idea? By the way it's a shame that you couldn't keep up with the challenge- I'm sure your posts would have been excellent!

  8. I plan on taking this back up within the next couple weeks,I've been bogged down coaching track and field, but as soon as the season wraps up next week, I'll get back into this story! May or may not continue the alphabet, but we'll see! Thanks everyone for the compliments, I'm glad everyone enjoys it.