Saturday, October 2, 2010

Think of a green. Six-sided. Sun.

The Future:

"Alright, here's what we know." 21 pulled out a map and unrolled it across the table. The top of it was labelled "New York City" in bold print. "One month ago, the Trinity were moved into a safe house near the Towers of America. This was an hour after the 'terrorist' attack on the Law & Order Building in Boston."

This was the New States. After the president and vice president were killed by a supposed homegrown American terrorist cell ten years ago, the government underwent radical reconstruction. There were now three heads of state with absolute power, called the Trinity, who presided over a legislature that was there only to keep the citizens under the illusion that they had a democracy. Governmental operations were moved to Boston.

The attack that 21 mentioned wiped out every member of the legislature and thousands of civilians in the surrounding area. The attack occurred 24-hours before the NationCore went online. It was supposedly carried out by same cell that assassinated the president and vice president.

The NationCore was the most advanced computer in the world, capable of keeping physical and digital tabs on every person in the country through nanites that had been pumping into the water systems of the country for the past six months. The general public-- and the late members of legislature--do not know how it exists.

Shortly after the attack, the Trinity initiated a nationwide state of emergency, and the military took over for local law enforcement across the entire country. After setting up the occupation, the military was ordered to search out and destroy all suspicious printed material. This systematically removed of ninety percent of all books in the New States.

The meeting that was taking place was of a group of rebels who did not know each other by name. Each was simply assigned a number, and that's how they were addressed. 21 was their leader.

"We also have reason to believe that this safe house is where the NationCore is located. An armored convoy was reported to have moved something from the Department of Identification to the same location at the same time that the Trinity arrived. This was probably a hard drive containing information on every person in the country. There are two things that must happen. That hard drive must not reach its destination, and the Trinity must die before they can order the police state."

"Sir," said 19, "these things have already happened. What do you mean?"

21 reached under the table and pulled out  a large metal  case. He set it on the table and opened it, revealing what appeared to be ten extremely hi-tech flak-jackets.

"What do these do, exactly?" asked 19.

"Time travel," said 21. "We're going to rewrite history."

To be continued... probably...

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