Friday, December 10, 2010

SAMURAI: Secret Anti-Monster Unit and Robotic Arsenal Initiative

"Wow," my partner said to me, staring straight up. "He's a big one."

"Yeah," I said in agreement. "And I think he might be growing."

We have some pretty unique problems here in Tokyo. Most big cities are worried about their economies, or their effect on the environment, or something like that. We don't give stuff like that too much thought here (though we try to keep radioactive waste to an absolute minimum). Our problems are a bit bigger than that. The USA is always complaining about their immigrants. Well they can complain once they've seen the characters we get. At least Mexican people work.

Yeah, our problems are pretty gargantuan. And it's my job to deal with them, as a SAMURAI field agent. That doesn't mean I get to walk around with a ponytail and swinging a katana either. Though I do get to use katanas when I feel like it. No, usually these sort of problems take weapons with a bit more kick. I'm just one of the guys who gets to pull the trigger.

I'm Hayato Murakami, I'm an agent of SAMURAI, and I fight giant monsters.

Short teaser for an upcoming story. More to come!

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