Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Strange Casefiles of Horatio Morgan, Chapter 7

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"Lovely night, isn't it, Ferris?" Horatio asked his surly companion as the strolled the gas-lit streets of London.

"Quite," Ferris said distractedly.

"I've been meaning to ask you something, Ferris. Why is it that you were able to change in daytime? There's no moon, let alone a full one."

"We can do it at will. However, when there's a full moon, we can't control the transformation during a full moon," he answered in his gruff voice.

"I see," Horatio said thoughtfully. "Why was Roderick outside, then, knowing that?"

"I don't kn--" Ferris was interrupted by Horatio shushing him and yanking him by the shirt into dark side alley and holding a hand over his mouth. Horatio held a finger to his lips and pointed. Three men rounded the street corner. They had hoods over their heads and were dressed in black cloaks with gold trim and wore decorative masks that were bright crimson. They talked quietly to one another and walked slowly with their hands together like monks. They turned down another street and out of sight. Horatio motioned for Ferris to follow and they snuck after the three.

They wound through the streets, keeping a safe distance from them, but never letting them out of sight. As they went farther, more of them came out of houses and alleyways to join the group. They grew in number as they went, until there were over twenty of them.

A nearby clock tower began chiming the notes of the witching hour. The group came to join numerous others already gathered, and knelt, as if they worshipped the chimes.

"The Temple of Time," Horatio said quietly, "it's Big Ben."

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