Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Suggestionator 2010: Combo Deal, part 2

I apologize for the delayed post. I was without my computer all night.
I decided to combine two of the suggestions into one story, here, and I think the result is going to be better because they really just fit. As it's two suggestions, it's also twice the length, and so this one will be a two parter! The two suggestions were Justin with "laser, meson, badger, cargo ship, cactus" and Jasper with "steampunk otter space pirates." Hope you enjoy it guys! (Part one is located here)

As Stripe rose to his feet, a face appeared on his hologram projector. It was a particularly smug looking otter with a red bandanna over its head that held down its ears. It had a scar along its right cheek bone, and appeared to be young.

"Good evening, Captain!" The otter greeted Stripe cheerfully. "If it is evening. I can never keep track in space."

"I'm going to kill you Canadensis. You've caused too much damage already, and I'm not going to let you take this ship."

"Please, Captain, call me Densis," he replied mockingly. "And I don't want the Titan. I just want what you're carrying."

"Not a chance, pirate scum," Stripe growled. "You don't know what you're toying with."

"A top secret experimental weapon. A meson bomb. I'm no physicist, but it seems to me that it wipes out all the neutral subatomic particles around it to implode, creating a shockwave of temporary, but still unimaginably destructive black holes. Sound about right, Captain?"

"You... how did you know?" Stripe said, shocked.

"I'm pretty resourceful, Cap. You should no that by now. Now you can hand over the bomb, and I won't be forced to board you and take it with gratuitous violence."

Stripe reached into his uniform and removed a black sword hilt. He pressed a button, and a glowing red blade emerged from the hilt. Densis's face flickered away.

"Prepare to be boarded!" Stripe yelled. He turned and ran out of the bridge as a second explosion hit the ship.

"Ship breached," said a robotic female voice over the ship speakers. "Ship breached. All security to hangar."

Stripe got into an elevator with a squadron of four heavily armed and armored security officers. Each one had a dark visor and helmet over their face and head, and matching breastplates and arm and leg guards. They carried high-powered laser rifles and had beam swords and pistols on their belts. The elevator door opened into the hangar.

Lasers were already flying in every direction. The sleek rustic form of the Steampunk was visible through the gaping, smoking hole in the wall, and pirate otters were pouring in on jetpacks. The otters were forcing the Titan's crew into close-combat, where they were more skilled with the blade. Others flew above on their jetpacks and fired from above, taking out the others. The Steampunk opened up its side and enormous plasma cannons emerged and began firing into the side of the ship, providing more entry points for the Steampunk's crew to board.

An otter with a jetpack came barreling off of the Steampunk and through the hole in the hangar. He flew straight over the battle and right at Captain Stripe, and tackled him. They both tumbled across the metal hangar floor and then came to a stop with Densis pinning Stripe down. The otter captain pulled out his beam sword and held it against Stripe's throat.

"Take me to it."


"Take me to it now, or I destroy the Titan completely. It's all the same to me."

Stripe glared up at him angrily and nodded slightly. Densis reached into Stripe's uniform and removed the captain's beam sword. Densis stood up and let the unarmed captain to his feet.

"Move," Densis ordered. He held his beam sword to Stripe's back and they entered another elevator.

"What do you intend to do with it, exactly?" Stripe asked solemnly as the elevator shot upward. "Ransom?"

"I intend to disarm it and destroy all evidence of it," Densis replied simply.

"What?" Stripe said, shocked. "Why would you do such a thing? There's no gain for you."

"No gain?" Densis hissed angrily through his teeth. "Saving millions of lives doesn't seem like a gain to you?"

"I fail to see how this saves lives, pirate."

"Because I prevent your corrupt Intergalactic Alliance overlords from using it. What do you think they planning to do with a bomb that is capable of so much destruction? It could wipe out a solar system! No one should have that power. Especially not the criminals that are paying you and your men."

Stripe stood silently. The elevator door opened and Stripe led Densis down a long hallway to a blast door. Stripe entered a code on the keypad next to the door and it opened. Suspended in the middle of the circular chamber was a cube, about as big as a human head.

"That's it?" Densis asked warily.

"You're the expert," Stripe retorted.

Densis pulled a communicator from his vest and talked into it. "I've got it. Lock on my position for pick up."

Stripe glared at the otter pirate angrily.

"You've ruined me with this," he growled. "I'll be stripped of my rank, maybe even discharged."

"Well, at least they haven't stripped you of your morals, eh, Captain?"

At that moment, the room started vibrating, and a hole melted through the ceiling. Two otters fell through, attached to tow lines. One pointed his gun at Stripe while the other grabbed the meson bomb. The otter with the bomb tugged on his line, and was reeled back up through the hole. Densis walked up to the second otter and held onto the line.

"Tell your bosses I said 'hi', Captain," Densis said to Stripe. He tugged on the line and bothe otters flew up through the hole, back to the Steampunk.

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