Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Suggestionator 2010: Combo Deal!

I decided to combine two of the suggestions into one story, here, and I think the result is going to be betterm because they really just fit. As it's two suggestions, it's also twice the length, and so this one will be a two parter! The two suggestions were Justin with "laser, meson, badger, cargo ship, cactus" and Jasper with "steampunk otter space pirates." Hope you enjoy it guys!

30,157 AD:

Captain Stripe of the Intergalactic Alliance's 616th fleet strolled confidently out onto the bridge of his starship. He was the commanding officer on the I.A.S. Titan, a Class Omega battlecruiser and cargo carrier. It was the flagship and pride of the 616th. The Titan was currently transporting a top secret military weapon to a base on an asteroid outpost on the other side of the galaxy. Only Stripe knew what the weapon actually was, and he was sworn to secrecy.

Captain Stripe was a badger from Earth. Not a badger as we know them now, however. He was a six foot tall, highly-evolved anthropomorphic badger, with all the dexterity and intelligence of  a human being. He even walked on two legs. This was not an uncommon occurrence at this point in Earth's existence, as now homo sapiens shared dominance of the planet with various other evolved mammals, such as otters, bears, dogs, cats and monkies.

The crew of the Titan was made up of various Terran species, and even a few sentients from other planets. They were handpicked from the elite of the 616th, and were all the very best at what they did.

Stripe walked to the center of the bridge and brought up a large green hologram in front of him. It was a highly detailed map of the sector they were in, complete with real-time movement of planets, asteroids and other ships. Using his clawed, furry hands, he directed the smaller starfighters that were escorting the Titan.

"Pilot," Captain Stripe ordered, "take it nice and easy on the asteroid field up ahead. This is not cargo we can take risks with."

"Yes, sir," answered the pilot, a surly looking gorilla. "Reducing thrusters to ten percent."

Stripe ordered a squadron of fighter escorts to scout ahead of the Titan as they entered the asteroid field. He watched them on his hologram as the darted amongst the space rubble. All of a sudden, the hologram, and all of the lights flickered off and then back on again. The starfighter scouts were gone from the hologram.

"Report!" the captain yelled. "Engineering, what just happened?"

"It appears that was isolated to us, sir. Only the bridge lost power momentarily. Everything is back online now, and all readings are positive."

"Pilot, cut the engines."

"Cutting engines, sir. Thrusters reduced to minimal output."

"Navigation, is there any way around this field?" Stripe asked.

"No, sir. We're too far in now, and backing up is too risky."

"Do we have any contact with the scouting party?"

"Nothing, sir," responded the raccoon in charge of communications.

"I want all remaining starfighters on high alert. Any fighters not out there already, get them out."

There was a loud explosion, and the Titan shook violently. Stripe was knocked off balance and fell to the ground.

"Report! What hit us?!" he barked, standing back up.

"Sir," one of the officers said urgently, "we're under attack. It's the Steampunk."

To be continued!!!

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